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What The Hell Is Persona Mapping & When To Do It?

Hey, let’s talk about persona mapping!

You may be wondering what persona mapping is and if so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going through what it is, why it’s so important and how it’s done.

Ideal client personas, also known as target customer profiles are the essential first step in any successful marketing strategy. This is so important because we can’t expect to connect with our customers if we don’t truly understand their wants and needs.

We have to assess what motivates our customers, what resonates with them, what challenges they face and what they respond to or we don’t have a hope of creating those all important trustful relationships.

So what do you need to do?

Always start by identifying customers’ wants and needs. The process of persona mapping helps us identify demographic and the common behaviours of our ideal customer profiles.

To break it down a little, demographic research reveals key insights into who our customers are in terms of age, sex, geographic location, career/job/education, etc.

Now it must be said that this information is absolutely crucial to understand but it’s also just the start!

Understanding demographic and customers’ wants and needs is of course really important, but it only paints half the picture.

We also need to determine certain intangibles and they are:

  • What are your customers’ pain points?
  • What emotionally affects your customers?
  • Where do they go to consume content?

What you’ll soon see is how asking these questions and documenting the answers helps us to create a complete 360-degree view of who your customers are (just like the picture below). This is crucial when it comes to maximising your return on investment from different marketing channels.

Download our Free Persona Mapping Template

Why not download our Free Persona Mapping Template and try it for yourself right now?

Thou must understand how customers make purchasing decisions!

We’re kidding, this isn’t the 10 commandments, but it is important to think about yourself for a moment. What’s your typical behaviour before you commit to buying something new.

What do you do? If you’re a savvy purchaser then there’s a good chance that you read product reviews, compare prices and try different products before committing to the one you want.

Newsflash! Your customers will do exactly the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling caravans, dental treatment or accountancy services, your customers go through a buyer journey with various decision points along the way.

In the marketing world, this is commonly referred to as customer journey mapping. By starting with your personas first, you’re able to understand more about their unique buyer journey.

This insight allows you to easily put customers through a sales funnel, so that you can hyper target your marketing efforts to increase accuracy and drive quality leads and sales.

Marketing activities must be kept consistent

If we keep our customers front of mind we’re able to design content that’s unique and specific to them. That’s where personas become so incredibly useful because they allow us to ensure consistency across all marketing channels.

We should apply the rule that every product, service, blog post, marketing email and customer service response shares a consistent message and is aligned with your customer’s needs and expectations.

Don’t forget that heaps of companies fall short of the mark on this, so don’t underestimate the value!


Wondering how to create a marketing persona? 

Let’s take it step by step, shall we?

Step 1: Ask Your Customers

If you want to find out more information about someone, what do you do? You ask! When it comes to persona mapping, there’s no better place to start than by talking directly with your customers.

Start asking your team to listen for feedback. Take notes on common customer responses and flag any areas that need addressing. All of this information will be useful when it comes to actually sitting down to run a persona mapping session.

Step 2: Check Your Website Analytics

The beauty of the Internet is that we have access to an unparalleled amount of data. Use this to your advantage and get one step ahead of the curve. When you analyse your site analytics, look for a detailed understanding of:

  • Where are your visitors from? (Geographic location)
  • How long were your visitors on the site? (Dwell time)
  • What keywords did your visitors use to find you?
Step 3: Social Media Research

You can learn a lot about your potential customers by analysing their social media habits. Find potential customers who are looking for businesses like yours. You can even survey your competitors and see what’s working and what isn’t.

Step 4: Run A Persona Mapping Session

A Persona Mapping session is an extremely useful way to pinpoint what’s unique about your customers’ lives. We can run persona strategy sessions and create universal personas that answer all of the important questions you could need.

What brands do they like? Where do they shop? What are their daily habits? All of this, and much, much more, helps contribute to your understand of what your customers really want and need.

Take a breath; we’re just about done!

Your brain is probably fried from all of the information on persona mapping and don’t worry, we get it.

Once you get into the habit of persona mapping and applying it to all of your new clients and customers, you’ll pick up the speed, reap the rewards and never look back.


Get into the habit of persona mapping right now by downloading our free Persona Mapping Template here so you can better understand your target audiences. Feel free to have a look at the example we’ve provided and start filling it in for yourself!