Brand Name Development - We can help you pick a name.
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Brand Name Development

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Scratching your head trying to come
up with a brand name?

Our team can help you come up with some brand name ideas for your business by creating the following:

Brand Avatar

This is is the personification of your customer. Creating your ideal customer for your brand’s products or services is your first step.

Brand Archetype

This is the personification of your company. Understanding as clearly as possible what your brand will mean or represent in the market is your second step.

Brand Name Ideas

Armed with the knowledge from creating the brand avatar & archetype, we come up with a list the represents both. Keep it simple!

The process

What to expect during brand name development & how we do it!

Building a brand and the process of brand name development takes time and involves much more than a slogan and a logo. Before jumping into choosing a brand name, we send our clients a branding questionnaire to help them dive more into their minds & passion.

This document will be the brand architecture building block that will inform the whole process, and serve as our north star.

In addition to brand name development, we also offer our clients the following:

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What our clients
say about us.

“Karl & the team helped us with our brand & website refresh which looks fantastic! He was great to deal with and was very accommodating and patient with us until we were completely satisfied and happy. I will continue to use Karl and Easy Yoke moving forward for the Marketing of Nuline Cabinets.”
Chris Reid

Managing Director, Nuline Cabinets

Great knowledge of our industry.
“The team is great to work with! They had a real edge when it comes to knowledge of the construction industry, with branding that appealed to our target audience.”
Mitch La Fontaine

CEO, LSR Construction

Brought my ideas to life!
“Their ability to look holistically at my entire branding and marketing needs over the next 12 - 36 months really impressed me and Karl's ability to add his business development insight was impressive.”
Mairead Dunne

CEO, Spritz Mindset


Our ultimate branding
checklist just for you. FREE!

Just because we like you already, we advise you to download our brand name development questionnaire before you start your project. Absolutely free no strings attached.

Working hours
were spent

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We’re a team of young creatives who are excited about your unique ideas, and helping startup companies create amazing brand identities, faster & on budget!