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Branding. It’s a word you are probably familiar with, whether you come from an advertising or marketing background or not. But do you know what it is all about and how important it is to the success of a business?

A business’ brand could be compared to a person’s appearance. Before a word is spoken, our first impressions can form quickly often subconsciously. We’re all guilty of doing it. It’s something we all do as humans and can’t be stopped. But what you can do is be conscious of how brands can utilise this.

Have a quick think of some of the big brands of the world.

Your opinions and impressions of each of these came running into your head. And nine times out of 10, these opinions were formed the moment you laid eyes on their branding. Aesthetics can trigger thoughts and emotions, thus controlling what we’re impressed by, what’s not so impressing and how we perceive a particular product.

Marty Neumeier said: “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company” and we feel that’s a great way to start.

So now we’ve gone over the introduction, let’s get into it…

What does it mean to have good branding?

When we talk about branding, it’s more than just a logo, design, symbol, and colour themes. When creating a brand, it’s important to aim for something that will stand out from a crowded marketplace and look at how your brand can create a life-long partnership between your company and your clients.

Branding is such an important element of the business, as it gives your company character while ensuring that your business is appropriate for the services that you provide.

Just take a look at Hamish Everard.

Their branding suggests so much about their company, their values and what they can provide their customers.

When thinking about your branding, you need to consider the potential clients that are going to join your company, how the colours and design of your environment will impact their thoughts and emotions. Simply put, apply the same principles to what we discussed earlier that you are influenced by and project that on to your desired clients!

In a world where attention spans are getting shorter and choices are getting larger, your business needs ways to stick out and find a unique way to connect with future clients. And getting your branding right is a major step in the right direction.

So, why is it so important that your brand aligns with your purpose and personas?

For a brand to stick out and survive, the business must align with its purpose, personas and be an embodiment of their core values.

These are the fundamentals for differentiating your brand from the rest of the competition. Using your purpose and personas correctly will bring customers to your door.

When we talk about the purpose of branding, we’re talking about all the ways that a company presents itself to the rest of the world. That covers everything from a logo, colour scheme, website design, font choice, business cards and even what is presented in your office or meeting space with clients.

But remember to be mindful of your company’s persona when you start this step. If your persona is young and trend, then your brand should reflect this. With that audience in mind, your branding could involve a fresh and clean colour scheme along with a minimalist logo design. If you need help figuring out personas, head over to one of our earlier blog posts here.

What is most important though, is that you should have fun along the way. The best part of the branding process is your chance to get creative! It’s a fantastic opportunity to shape people’s opinions and perspective of your brand so embrace and enjoy the challenge that your branding presents!

Let’s conclude

It’s probably pretty obvious to you now that branding can make or break your company. Get it right and tailor it to suit your targeted personas and you’re on to a winner. But miss the mark and you could struggle to make a connection with the people you hold most valuable.

Remember – it takes 0.05 seconds for someone to make an initial judgement. So, if your logo and website are badly presented and doesn’t create a great first impression or provide a sense of security about the services you provide, then you might just sell yourself short at the first stage of interest.

Do it well by presenting a well-branded face of a company, then you’re more likely to keep clients interested, and that will give you more time to gain their focus and trust. Soon enough, you’ll be able to establish a mutual connection that will not only increase your sales but also prolong the lifetime value of your customers.

Remember, though, that these things don’t happen overnight, and you will need to keep on track of your company’s promises over time. Soon enough, you’ll be on your way to becoming a go-to provider in your industry.

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